Mesa Dog, Cat & Animal Emergencies

Mesa pet emergenices

Top Plant Toxicities in Dogs and Cats treated at Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic

  1. Sago Palm- very toxic to the liver and dogs seem to like the taste of them.
  2. Marijuana toxicity is common and many times is complicated by the brownie (chocolate) mix that it is eaten with.
  3. Lantana- not fatal but can cause diarrhea.
  4. Oleander- Toxic to the heart, and intestinal tract.
  5. Tomato plant toxicity (eating the green part of the plant)
  6. Grape/Raisin toxicity- causes kidney failure in dogs.
  7. Easter lilies are toxic, be careful if you have them in your house with cats.

Exotic Pet Emergencies

  1. Blood feather in parrots
  2. Egg binding in parrots, chicken, ducks, etc.
  3. Trouble breathing in multiple species of avian
  4. Pneumonias in rats, birds, guinea pigs, etc.
  5. Ceiling fan trauma with birds
  6. Broken legs in multiple species, torn nails
  7. Wet tail
  8. Vitamin and mineral deficiency in multiple patients
  9. Liver failure, swollen abdomen.
  10. Tail amputation
  11. Wing amputations.
  12. Tooth trim in rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas.
  13. Urinary tract infections in multiple species.
  14. Ear infection in rats, guinea pigs, rabbits.
  15. Calcium deficiency in multiple species.
  16. Low blood sugar in ferrets.
  17. Adrenal disease in ferrets.
  18. Vomiting, diarrhea in multiple species.
  19. Difficulty walking in rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, and birds.
  20. Desert tortoise and other reptile parasite infections
  21. Mouth rot in snakes, lizards

Top Dog and Cat Emergencies seen at Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic

  1. Blocked cat, straining to urinate. This is common in male cats.
  2. Diarrhea from a variety of causes: change in diet, change in treats, eating mulch, eating compost, eating a dead animal in the back yard, tumor, cancer.
  3. Animals eating: plastic, underwear, trash, string, bones, metal pieces, clothing, carpet, rugs, tampons, bags, toys, nuts, palms seeds, rocks, sticks, parts of the house, wires, etc.
  4. Electrocution.
  5. Heat stroke.
  6. Diabetes in both dogs and cats.
  7. Bloat in dogs.
  8. Urinary bladder infections, bladder stones.
  9. Back pain, disc disease.
  10. Limping and leg injury. Bone cancer, bone infection.
  11. Cancer
  12. Heart failure
  13. Broken or cracked tooth, teeth falling out, bad breath, dental disease.
  14. Torn nail, broken toe.
  15. Anal gland problems.
  16. Tick Fever.
  17. Valley Fever.
  18. Addison’s Disease.
  19. Broken leg.
  20. Ear swollen, ear hematoma, ear infections.
  21. Skin infection, crusting skin, ringworm.
  22. Parvovirus/Distemper
  23. Eye infection, Scratch on the eye
  24. Sugarless gum toxicity, Xylitol toxicity
  25. Macadamia nut toxicity
  26. Dog and Cat bite wounds.
  27. Spider bite
  28. Scorpion bite
  29. Kidney failure
  30. Pancreatitis
  31. Liver failure, yellow cat, yellow dog
  32. Bee Sting, allergic reaction.
  33. Ant bite allergic reaction.
  34. Sun Burn Skin reaction, infection, dermatitis.
  35. Skin infections
  36. Gun shot wounds
  37. Torn pads
  38. River Toad Poisoning
  39. Hit by Car injuries
  40. Rat poison
  41. Aspirin toxicity, ibuprofen toxicity, aleve toxicity
  42. Seizures in multiple species.
  43. Rectal prolapse
  44. Spinal trauma, brain trauma

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